Seniors Course

Curious cubs class

  • Objective

    Super Charged, Ready To Fly!

    Right brain kids thrive in schools that go beyond left-brain logic and rote memorization.  Right Start helps your child harness the beautiful super-learning abilities of the right brain to meet future challenges with empathy, creativity, photographic memory, speed reading, multi-sensorial visualization, and imagination-based, problem-solving skills.


60 Min Once A Week Class


5 Years To 10years

Class Ratio

2 Teachers 6 Students

What Your Child will learn

Photographic Memory, Long-term Memory Ability, High Speed Processing Ability, Sharp Analytical Thinking, Strong Numeracy, Strong Linguistics, Ability to Grasp Concepts Easily, Improved Attention Span, Spatial Recognition, Visual Imagination, Positive and Strong Mentality​, Good in General Knowledge, Self-Confidence​, Mathematics (Maths Olympiad), IQ Questions.